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Now we have a solution in the treatment of interstitial cystitis .


Highly purified non- animal-based in the content of hyaluronic acid in the hyacyst ; cystitis , are known to be very effective in the symptomatic treatment .
HYACYST ; patients in bladder glycosaminoglycan (GAG ) layer by coating temporarily seen in patients with interstitial cystitis causes a decrease in pain and urinary frequency .

Hyacyst the following types have proven to be effective in cystitis .

• Interstitial cystitis
• the radiation -induced cystitis
• Recurrent bacterial cystitis

Interstital Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis / painful bladder syndrome, significantly reduces urinary frequency , pain scores and analgesic use causes significant reduction in the . Considering the long-term outcome of the patients about 2 /3 the activity observed. Completely improvement in patients with a rate of 20 % , while in 80 % of patients with increasing level of pain and urinary frequency decreases.
In addition to other medical therapy in patients with refractory interstitial cystitis approximately 71% effective after 4 weeks , and this effect continues for 20 weeks .


Caused by Radiation of Cystitis

In patients treated with pelvic radiotherapy , radiotherapy shows the benefits of using HYACYST . For the prevention of the radiation-induced cystitis hyacyst considerable proportion were found to be effective .


• protects the bladder .
• Radiation-induced toxicity and reduces the risk of infection .
• improves the overall quality of life of patients .

Pelvic radiotherapy in patients with cancer just before the significant protective effect with the use of HYACYST are provided.

HYACYST ordinary use in patients compared to the patients in the 50% undersize value scale görülmektedir.hyacyst radiation poisoning patients two weeks earlier than normal toxicity values ​​are rotating.

Recurrent Cystitis Bacterial


Urinary tract infection ( UTI) in the development of bacterial virulence factors important places tutar.ta a GAG layer the presence of bladder epithelial cells in the urine toxic components essential to preserve are accepted and the layer of bacteria adhesion prevents the evidence that is available.

GAG layer epiteyal damaged cells results in the direct effects of the urine component , and under these conditions there is an increased risk of bacterial infections as well as adhesion .

HYACYST therefore when used ;

• protects the bladder .
• Toxins and reduces the risk of infection .

4-5 years HYACYST use in patients suffering from bladder infections and bladder , decreasing to repeat or rarely recover fully .

Acute urinary retention and incontinence due to spinal cord injury , which is characterized and hospitalized patients with intravesical hyaluronic acid treatments , causes a decrease in infection rate is 5 to 7 times .



HYACYST related questions and answers

Product Profile

Hyacyst major component of eye fluids , joints and bladder wall in the membrane ( urothelial ) , glycosaminoglycan (GAG ) layer naturally occurring hyaluronic acid , a derivative of sodium hyaluronate . These layers , interstitial cystitis in many patients with insufficient amounts are available and mesa valve in the wall of a protective is believed to form a layer .

After the user makes an impact HYACYST how ?

HYACYST temporarily within the bladder wall deficient GAG layer replaces alır.Bu whereby pain and interstitial cystitis depends on frequent and urgent urination symptoms decrease sağlanır.y research other treatment methods are insufficient, even in cases where hyacyst such distressing symptom relief is seen that .

HYACYST How to apply ?

HYACYST by a physician with the help of a catheter to empty the bladder , while the entire product is given. Applications may be administered in outpatient without hospitalization .

HYACYST how long they should be applied ?

In the first four weeks of treatment to each patient once a week symptoms resolved after apllication.This embodiment is made up month . Treatment response time from patient to patient değişmektedir.i a response time means patients 8 to 10 ( times) implementation requires that therefore patiently treatment process without delay follow- edilmelidir.sempyom the repeated cases in the future treatment should be recommended.

Hyacyst there is a side effect ?

Hyacyst due to side effects of many applications ( catheter instillation ) local irritation are observed.

Who HYACYST application is applied ?

HYACYST be applied by a physician or under the supervision of physicians by medical personnel at the time of uygulanmalıdır.ayn hyacyst eligibility for each patient should be approved by a physician trained in cystitis .